Spring Cleaning Edmonton
Front view of a young woman in uniform and wearing a face mask cleaning windows from outside.

Spring Cleaning in Edmonton: The Ultimate Home Refresh Guide

Welcome to the season of renewal in Edmonton, Alberta, where the transitioning landscapes inspire a transformation in our living spaces. Maid in Edmonton is excited to present this comprehensive guide to spring cleaning, tailored to bring the vibrancy of Edmonton’s spring into your home.

Edmonton’s Spring: A Time of Renewal and Rejuvenation

Spring in Edmonton is not just a season; it’s a time of significant transformation. As the city shakes off the winter cold, it’s the perfect opportunity for residents to rejuvenate their homes, mirroring the fresh start outdoors.

Your Essential Spring Cleaning Checklist

Embark on your spring cleaning journey with our detailed checklist. For those who need an extra hand, Maid in Edmonton’s professional cleaning services are just a call away.

Whole House Revitalization

  • Deep clean all ceilings, light fixtures, and fans
  • Thoroughly wash windows, sills, and tracks
  • Launder curtains and blinds for a fresh look
  • Professional carpet and rug cleaning services
  • Polish and revive wooden furniture

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

  • Detailed appliance cleaning, including ovens and microwaves
  • Refrigerator and freezer sanitization
  • Pantry decluttering and organization
  • Descale coffee machines and small appliances
  • Sink, countertop, and backsplash deep cleaning

Living Room Makeover

  • Upholstery vacuuming and cleaning
  • Surface dusting and polishing
  • Electronic device and remote control sanitization
  • Organizing books, magazines, and décor

Bedroom Organization and Cleaning

  • Mattress flipping and vacuuming
  • Wardrobe decluttering and organization
  • Cleaning beneath beds and furniture
  • Natural room scenting for a fresh ambiance

Bathroom Sanitization and Organization

  • Tile, grout, and fixture deep cleaning
  • Toilet, sink, and bathtub disinfection
  • Shower curtain and liner washing or replacement
  • Toiletry and cabinet organization

Home Office Cleanup

  • Computer and keyboard cleaning
  • Document filing and organization
  • Bookshelf dusting and decluttering
  • Phone and tablet sanitization

Garage and Storage Area Organization

  • Tool and equipment organization
  • Comprehensive sweeping and cobweb removal
  • Decluttering and organizing storage boxes

Partner with Maid in Edmonton

Spring cleaning is a substantial task, but you don’t have to do it alone. Maid in Edmonton offers a full range of professional cleaning services to help Edmonton residents enjoy a spotless and organized home. Our team is equipped to handle every aspect of spring cleaning, delivering unparalleled service and attention to detail.

Embrace the Spring Season in Edmonton

Spring cleaning is about more than just tidying up—it’s an opportunity to embrace the spirit of renewal. With Maid in Edmonton, you can enjoy the beauty of Edmonton’s springtime without the burden of extensive cleaning tasks.


Start your spring cleaning journey with Maid in Edmonton and transform your home into a reflection of the city’s springtime splendor. Contact us today to schedule your cleaning and experience the joy of a fresh, rejuvenated living space.