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Post-construction cleaning is an essential final step in any construction project. It involves a thorough and detailed cleaning of the site, removing all the dust, debris, and hazards left behind from the construction process.
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Cleaning Services for post construction

Look no further than Maid in Edmonton if you need a business cleaning service to handle your post-renovation or construction cleaning needs. We are a reputable cleaning company committed to giving commercial properties of all sizes first-rate cleaning services. Any post-construction or renovation cleaning project may be handled by our team of skilled and qualified cleaners since they are prepared with the necessary expertise and tools.

To better understand their unique needs and personalize our services to them, we collaborate closely with our clients. Dust and debris removal, surface cleaning, window and mirror cleaning, bathroom and kitchen cleaning, and floor cleaning, and outside cleaning are all part of our post-construction cleaning and renovation cleaning services. To ensure that your building is thoroughly clean and ready for use, we remove construction dust and debris using specialist tools and methods.

Our post-construction, commercial cleaning services are customized to each building and construction project's specific needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you want more information about our post-construction cleaning services. We would be delighted to provide you a thorough quote and answer any concerns you may have.

Trustworty Construction Cleaning

Maid In Edmonton is the best option for you if you're looking for a knowledgeable, trustworthy, and productive commercial cleaning business. We have the best team assembled and ready for the next cleaning task! To arrange your cleaning service and learn the advantages of partnering with a quality cleaning company, get in touch with us immediately!

    Our Services

    Take a Look at Some Of The Services We Offer For Post Construction Cleaning

    It is best to use our post-construction cleaning services to make sure that your new structure or renovated area is secure and fit for habitation. We promise that our work will go above and beyond your expectations, leaving your building immaculate and ready for use. To arrange for your post-renovation or construction cleaning, contact us right away by emailing us or calling us at (780)-885-6243!

  • dust & debris removal

    This service entails cleaning the building of all construction dust and debris, including that which has collected on the walls, ceilings, floors, and fixtures. All garbage, messes and dirt will be cleaned so that new residents are able to move in right away!

  • surface cleaning

    Surface cleaning includes cleaning all surfaces - all walls, ceilings, fixtures and floors to remove all of the remaining debris or dirt that has been left. Floors and carpets will be vacuumed and floors will be washed!

  • window & mirror cleaning

    This service involves wiping out all windows and mirrors in the structure to get rid of any streaks or smudges that construction debris could have left behind during the construction process!

  • bathroom & kitchen cleaning

    Deep cleaning of all the building's restrooms and kitchens, including the sanitization of worktops, sinks, toilets, handles and appliances. Floors and tiles in kitchens and bathrooms will also be cleaned and polished!

  • exterior cleaning

    In order to get rid of any construction waste, stains, and dirt, this service also covers power washing the exterior of the building and cleaning the sidewalks, roads, and parking lots. Not every single part of the exterior of your building will be cleaned! Make sure to email us for any additional details and information about our post construction cleaning services!

Here Is A More Detailed Description Of What All Of Our Post Construction Services Include:

  • Dust & Debris Removal

    This service comprises clearing out all construction dust and debris from the building or home, including all garbage which has accumulated on the walls, ceilings, floors, and fixtures. We are aware of how critical it is to clear the building of all construction waste, dust, and grime so that new occupants can move in as soon as possible! We make sure the building is entirely clean and ready for use by using specialized tools and methods to remove any last bits of construction dust and waste. This procedure is essential to guaranteeing the building ready and will not affect the health and the safety of tenants. If not adequately cleared, the dust and debris from construction can lead to respiratory problems and other health problems, and our cleaning company takes their job very seriously, and is dedicated to keep all of our clients healthy and happy!

  • Surface Cleaning

    All surfaces will be clean and free of debris thanks to the meticulous attention to detail displayed by our team of expert cleaners. To get rid of any dust, grime, or stains that might have been left behind during construction, we employ specialist cleaning agents and tools. Surface cleaning also includes key aspects for floors and carpets. To get rid of any possible ground-in dirt or debris, we vacuum all carpets. All hard floor surfaces are washed as well, leaving them clean and free of any construction debris. This procedure is essential to guaranteeing the building's health and safety for new tenants.In order to ensure the building is ready for utilization, every area will be made spotless and clean.

  • Window & Mirror

    To insure that all windows and mirrors are sparkling and clear, our team of trained Edmonton cleaners uses specialized cleaning solutions and tools to remove any dirt, grime, or stains that may have been left behind on any windows or mirrors during the construction process. Maid In Edmonton wants to make sure that every square inch of the window is clean and free of debris, this service also covers cleaning the window tracks, frames, and sills. To give the building a polished appearance from the inside and out, we also pay attention to the exterior of the windows, cleaning the outer frames, sills, and tracks. For the facility to be safe and healthy for new tenants as well as to have a polished and businesslike appearance, this service is crucial.

  • Bathroom & Kitchen

    As part of our bathroom and kitchen post construction cleaning service, we scrub and sanitize all fixtures and appliances, as well as worktops, handles, sinks, and toilets. In order to make sure that every space is pristine and free of waste, this service also involves cleaning and scrubbing all floor and tile surfaces in the bathrooms and kitchens. To get rid of any dust, grime, or stains that might have been left behind during construction, we have assembled the perfect cleaning team that is equipped with the right tools to do the job wonderfully.

    We also pay close attention to the small details, making sure that the bathrooms and kitchens are left pristine by washing and sterilizing the grout, for example. For the facility to be safe and healthy for new tenants as well as to have a polished and businesslike appearance, this service is crucial.

  • Exterior Cleaning

    Our post-construction cleaning services include exterior cleaning in addition to interior cleaning. This service involves power washing the building's exterior to get rid of any debris, stains, or grime that may have gathered during construction. To make sure the entire environment around the building is clean and debris-free, we also clean the sidewalks, roadways, and parking lots. This service is crucial to maintaining the building's polished and expert appearance both inside and out. It is vital to keep in mind that not every area of your building's exterior will be cleaned; this will depend on the size of your project and your specific requirements. Please inform us of any other locations you would like cleaned, and we will be pleased to comply with your requirements.

    *We’d like to remind you that It is vital you keep in mind that not every area of your building's exterior will be cleaned; this will depend on the size of your project and your specific requirements. Please inform us by email of any other locations you would like cleaned, and we will be pleased to comply with your requirements.

Why Hire Maid in Edmonton

Why Hire Maid in Edmonton to Clean Your Newly Constructed or Renovated Building?

Contact Maid In Edmonton For Your Post Construction Cleaning Needs!

We will remove any remaining debris and construction dust to guarantee that your building or home is completely clean and ready to be used. Cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, as well as dusting and cleaning of all surfaces, including walls, ceilings, floors, and fixtures, are typical examples of some of the services that we offer. With our post-construction cleaning services, we aim to thoroughly clean and prepare a recently constructed or renovated facility for tenants. Moreover, we offer carpet cleaning, window washing, and pressure washing for the building's exterior. The Post-construction cleaning services in Edmonton that we offer are essential to ensuring that a new facility is safe and fit for residents!

Also, we place a high priority on the health of our visitors and employees, and we only use cleaning equipment and materials that are safe for the environment and the people who use or inhabit the buildings.

Why Hire a Post Construction
Cleaning Service Today?


Why Hire Post Construction or Renovation Cleaning Services

The necessary post-construction or renovation cleaning must be handled by a professional cleaning company if you want to be certain that your newly constructed or renovated building or residence is safe and fit for habitation. Construction projects, no matter how big or small, can leave behind a lot of dust, debris, and other chemicals that can be dangerous for those who reside in neighboring buildings. A trustworthy cleaning service like Maid In Edmonton has the knowledge, equipment, and experience required to fully clean and prepare your new building or home for use right away!

You will feel safe and comforted knowing that your newly built or renovated home or commercial building is in the capable hands of our team of trained and certified professional cleaners that have experience working in construction sites! Our team of cleaners at Maid In Edmonton make use of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies that are secure for the building's residents and the environment.

We take great pleasure in our careful attention to detail and outstanding cleanliness. We can assure you that our work will go above and beyond your expectations,

leaving your building sparkling and ready to be used when you book a cleaning! We are devoted to giving you the best possible customer care and experience.

Here Are Some FAQs About
Post Construction Cleaning Services:

Q: What is included in your post-construction cleaning services?

A: Commercial cleaning refers to the cleaning of businesses, offices, and other commercial buildings and facilities. This includes tasks such as cleaning of appliances, vacuuming, mopping, washing windows, and sanitizing surfaces, as well as maintaining restrooms and restocking supplies and more!

Q: How often should post-construction commercial cleaning services be performed?

A: The size and complexity of the construction project will determine how frequently commercial cleaning services are provided after construction. Normally, it is carried out right after construction is finished, so that any harmful chemicals or any debris can be removed and cleaned immediately!

Q: How long does it take to complete post-construction commercial cleaning services?

A: The size and difficulty of the construction project will influence how long it takes for our cleaning team to finish the cleaning project. The duration of time needed can be estimated by us at Maid In Edmonton!

Q: Is it possible to have post-construction commercial cleaning services tailored to my unique requirements?

A: Absolutely! Since you are the one who knows your needs best, Maid In Edmonton offers flexible and customizable cleaning services to meet those needs for your building or your construction project.

Q: Are the cleaning agents used for your commercial cleaning services after construction safe for the environment?

A: Many reputable cleaning businesses including ours utilize environmentally friendly cleaning supplies that are secure for both the environment and the tenants of the building. We know how important it is to keep you and the environment safe!

Q: Are the cleaning agents used for commercial cleaning services after construction safe for humans to use?

A: Cleaning supplies used by Maid In Edmonton are manufactured specifically for use in business settings and are safe for human use!

A: Yes, the majority of commercial cleaning businesses (including ours!) offer flexible cleaning packages to accommodate different customer requirements. To develop a tailored cleaning schedule, you can talk with one of our Maid In Edmonton staff about your unique cleaning requirements and preferences.

A: Getting surfaces free of clutter and removing any personal belongings and possessions can help you be prepared for a professional cleaning service. This will make it possible for the cleaning crew to quickly and efficiently access every single part of the building and finish their duties and responsibilities. Before the cleaning service starts, you might wish to go over any special cleaning requirements or preferences with the cleaning business if you have any.