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As a business owner, office cleaning services are a crucial investment in maintaining a hygienic and healthy workplace environment for your employees and visitors.
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A neat and organized office is essential for productivity and a positive work environment. For your office to continue operating effectively, maintaining it clean and inviting is crucial. Your workspace, employees and even you yourself can and will benefit from cleaning. A tidy and well-maintained office may assist to stop the transmission of germs and bacteria, keeping employees healthier and more productive in addition to making the workplace more welcoming and pleasurable.It's crucial to select an office cleaning service you can rely on if you want to keep your office spotless and professional.

Office cleaning services from Maid In Edmonton guarantee that your workspace is constantly pristine. No surface is neglected by our team of skilled cleaners, who are knowledgeable in all facets of office cleaning. Since every office is different, we customize our cleaning services to fit your particular requirements. Additionally, we ensure the security of your personnel by using only the best cleaning supplies and machinery. Additionally, due to the flexibility of our staff, we may adjust our timetable to avoid interference with your regular business activities. You can rely on Maid In Edmonton to keep your office looking its best at all times.

If you’re looking for office cleaning services in Edmonton, you’ve come to the right place.

Our professional commercial cleaning services Maid In Edmonton provides a wide range of cleaning services to businesses in the Edmonton region. Our dedicated cleaning staff is committed to giving our clients a fresh and consistent workplace. To guarantee a high-quality clean each and every time, the cleaners here at Maid In Edmonton only use the best cleaning supplies and machinery. Regular office cleaning, deep cleaning, and specialty cleaning including carpet and window cleaning are all part of their offerings. We work around your company hours to cause the least amount of interruption, thanks to our flexible scheduling options. Count on Maid In Edmonton to keep your office looking and operating at its best!

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    Here Is a Bit Of What We Do When Cleaning Your Edmonton Office

    Our goal is to provide you with a clean and organized office so you can focus on running your business. Contact us today to schedule your first cleaning and experience the difference a professional office cleaning service in Edmonton can make.

    There are too many reasons to book a cleaning today! If you aren’t convinced yet - keep reading to see the pros of hiring a professional cleaning company! 


    High touch areas such as doorknobs, faucets, appliance keypads, knobs/buttons and handles, light switches and plates, window handles and shared equipment like file cabinets will all be sanitized and thoroughly cleaned in order to keep you and your employees healthy and happy!


    Floors will be vacuumed and mopped, debris and garbage removed. The carpets will be vacuumed and deep cleaned, removing any odors or stains!

  • DEsks

    All desks and office furniture will be dusted and polished. Make sure to remove any personal items to ensure maximum cleanliness!

  • bathrooms

    Bathroom Bliss: Premier Cleaning Services for Homes, Offices, and Public Restrooms - Maid in Edmonton


    Window sills, frames, handles and blinds will all be dusted and cleaned in order to maximize office cleanness and efficiency

Improved Air Quality

Another element that significantly affects workplace performance and employee health is air quality. Since there are 100 times more airborne pollutants indoors than outside, using a good filtering system is even more essential and important. Investing in plants that remove excess carbon dioxide and other pollutants from the air and provide your employees more clean air and oxygen is a terrific approach to improve the air quality at your workplace.

Enhance Your Brand

In the eyes of the typical customer, a neat workplace suggests superior, high-quality goods and services. Furthermore, it makes no difference what kind of employment you are performing—whether it's selling furniture, filing taxes, or serving meals. A potential consumer will undoubtedly evaluate your entire brand—including any items and services you might be providing—based on how your office appears and feels. Don't let a disorganized workspace cause a potential client to leave before you can even talk with them.

De-Stress Your Staff

Your employees may be under stress due to outside circumstances unrelated to their jobs. Work itself can be stressful at times. Additionally, having a messy office will not help. Employees will be less distracted and more able to focus on their work if the office is kept tidy because they won't be under as much stress from other external influences.

Contact us today to learn more about our office cleaning services and how we can help keep your business looking its best. With our commitment to providing the best possible cleaning solutions and peace of mind, you can trust us to be your partner in achieving a clean and fresh living or working environment!

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Entering a spotless building that looks and smells nice is one of life's small pleasures. On the other hand, it can be really upsetting when your cleaners don't perform as you would like them to and that is the first thing you notice when you enter. Are you sick and tired of having to remind the janitors in your office to clean? Maid In Edmonton is here to help. With customized and specialized cleaning procedures, we can meet and even exceed your every expectation and fulfill your every need! We are a local company that provides office cleaning services in Edmonton that strives to help your business achieve success, even if it seems like just little things, like cleaning your office workspace.

For a number of reasons, selecting Maid In Edmonton to handle your office cleaning requirements is a wise move. Maintaining a professional image and offering a relaxing work environment for your personnel both depend on a neat and organized workspace. Your office will be pristine and sanitized thanks to the expertise of our team of trained cleaners, who are masters in a variety of office cleaning procedures like dusting, sweeping, and disinfection. Additionally, we only work with top-notch cleaning tools and materials to keep your office safe for your staff as well as clean. Additionally, our crew is incredibly flexible and can work around your schedule to minimize interference with your business activities. Let Maid In Edmonton handle all of your office cleaning requirements so you can concentrate on expanding your company.

Why Hire an Office Cleaning Company Today?


Why Hire a Professional Cleaning Company For Your Office

A clean and well maintained office means a more successful and prosperous office. The cleanliness of your office has an impact on worker performance, output, and health. In order to maintain strong staff morale and production levels, it is crucial to keep the workplace clean. Nobody feels motivated in an unclean environment. It also promotes the efficiency, health, and safety of employees in your office.

A tidy and neat office also makes a wonderful first impression for new clients and customers! An appealing and orderly workplace makes a positive first impression on any potential customers. It establishes confidence and trust right away and gives clients the sense of effectiveness and meticulous attention to detail. On the other hand, dirty flooring or smudge-covered conference room tables convey to potential customers that you lack the professionalism required to look after your staff, let alone a new client. The same is true of a disorganized reception area as well. To make sure your potential clients get the best first impression, you need to hire a cleaning service - no one does it as well as we do!

Not only does using a professional cleaning service benefit your employees and clients, it also benefits you! Hiring a professional cleaning company may be just what your business needs to achieve greatness - even though it may appear to be insignificant. If you are in need of an office cleaning service in Edmonton, make sure to email us and get a quote!