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At Maid in Edmonton, we believe that exceptional cleaning starts with exceptional tools. Our collection of cleaning equipment and products, stationed at 14605 118 Ave NW #101, Edmonton, AB, is carefully curated to ensure efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility. From advanced cleaning solutions for healthcare facilities to eco-friendly products for home use, we've got everything covered to tackle any cleaning challenge.
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Our Range of Cleaning Supplies

Professional-Grade Cleaning Equipment

For businesses requiring a thorough clean, we offer professional-grade cleaning equipment. Our commercial cleaning tools and state-of-the-art industrial cleaning machines are designed to handle heavy-duty tasks efficiently.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Products

Our commitment to the planet is reflected in our choice of eco-friendly cleaning products. From biodegradable cleaning agents to organic and natural cleaning solutions, we ensure a clean space that’s also green.

Advanced Cleaning Technology

Innovation is key in our selection of cleaning tools. We employ the latest in cleaning technology, featuring innovative tools for professional cleaners and advanced cleaning technologies specifically tailored for healthcare facilities.

Diverse Range for Various Needs

Whether it’s specialty cleaning products for tough stains or multi-purpose cleaning products for offices, our range is extensive. We also provide specialized commercial kitchen cleaning supplies, ensuring every area of your business is impeccably maintained.

Tailored Solutions for Every Cleaning Need

Industrial and Commercial Solutions

For industrial and commercial spaces, our heavy-duty cleaning equipment and commercial-grade supplies are perfect for tackling large spaces and demanding cleaning tasks.

Home Cleaning Essentials

For homeowners, we offer a range of effective and safe household cleaning supplies. Our products are perfect for maintaining a clean and healthy home environment.

Specialized Needs

We recognize that some cleaning tasks require specialized solutions. Whether it’s healthcare facilities, schools, or restaurants, our specialized cleaning products are designed to meet these specific needs.

Customized Cleaning

Every business and home is unique. That’s why we offer customized cleaning techniques, ensuring that each client receives a personalized service that meets their specific cleaning requirements.

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Why the Choice of Cleaning Supplies Matters

High-Quality and Effective: Our cleaning products and equipment are selected for their high quality and effectiveness, ensuring they deliver superior cleaning results every time.

Safety and Reliability: We understand the importance of safety in cleaning. Our products and equipment are safe for use in various environments, from homes to large industrial spaces.

Eco-Conscious Choices: Our range includes sustainable and eco-friendly options, reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Elevate Your Cleaning Experience

With Maid in Edmonton, you're not just getting cleaning supplies; you're investing in a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future. Our equipment and products are a testament to our commitment to excellence in cleaning.

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