End of Tenancy Cleaning: Ensuring Immaculate Transitions

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Welcome to our dedicated service for End of Tenancy Cleaning, specifically designed for owners, landlords, and tenants. This service is crucial in maintaining the high standards of your property and ensuring a welcoming environment for new occupants.
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Why Opt for Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning?

For Landlords and Owners

  • Enhanced Property Appeal: First impressions matter. A professionally cleaned property stands out in the market.
  • Protect Your Investment: Regular, thorough cleaning extends the life of the property’s features and fixtures.
  • Time-Efficient Solutions: Focus on managing your properties while we take care of the cleaning.
  • Consistent Quality: Every cleaning session meets high standards, preparing your property for its next chapter.
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For Tenants

  • Deposit Security: A comprehensive clean can be key in getting your full deposit back.
  • Hassle-Free Moving: Relieve the stress of moving by entrusting the cleaning to professionals.
  • Positive Relationships: Leave your rental in top condition, maintaining a good rapport with your landlord.

Our End of Tenancy Cleaning goes beyond the basics. We include:

  • Kitchen Deep Clean: Includes appliances, cabinets, and surfaces.
  • Bathroom Sanitization: Focus on tiles, fixtures, and all surfaces.
  • Living Areas and Bedrooms: Dusting, surface cleaning, and window washing.
  • Carpet Vacuuming: While we don’t offer deep carpet cleaning, we ensure your carpets are well-vacuumed and presentable.
  • Floor Cleaning: Mopping and polishing where applicable.
  • Interior Windows and Mirrors: For a streak-free shine.
  • Dusting and Polishing: Including hard-to-reach areas and light fixtures.


Q: What does the end of tenancy cleaning include?

A: Our service covers deep cleaning of all rooms, kitchen and bathroom sanitization, window washing, and thorough vacuuming of carpets, among other services.

Q: How long does the cleaning take?

A: This depends on the size and state of the property. We provide an estimated duration after an initial assessment.

Q: Are cleaning supplies provided?

A: Yes, our team comes equipped with all necessary supplies and equipment.

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Customizable Services

We recognize the uniqueness of each property and offer customizable cleaning plans.
Our team is prepared to tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Why Choose Maid in Edmonton?

Choosing our End of Tenancy Cleaning service means prioritizing the quality and appeal of your property.
We are committed to delivering a high standard of cleaning, ensuring that each property is not just clean but truly welcoming for new tenants.

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Our comprehensive end-of-tenancy cleaning service provides peace of mind and exceptional results for landlords, owners, and tenants alike.
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